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'Chance of Color' Painting Stones| Flat | Thin | Smooth | 5-8cm | Happy Stones | River stones

'Chance of Color' Painting Stones| Flat | Thin | Smooth | 5-8cm | Happy Stones | River stones

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The stones in the 'Chance on Color' collection are predominantly gray, but come from a batch that also contains many stones with different colors, such as brown, blue, green, yellow, red and even orange tones. It is not a certainty that you will get (many) stones with different colors with this set. However, this chance is many times greater than if you order our 'Just Gray' set. Here you can read more about the differences between our two sets.

Can't you stop making the most beautiful, most colorful Happy Stones, or have you seen the Happy Stones hobby so much lately that you now want to try it yourself, but you often don't succeed? to get really nice painting stones?

Dan, you are with us, at the right place!

The paintable Happy Stones from

Indeed, for those painters from Happy Stones who prefer a more consistent quality, perhaps are a bit tired of searching or simply want to spend more time painting than searching, we now have a package with 15 beautiful stones to use for your (future) Happy Stones addiction. Happy Stones you say?

Paint and hide, but also find!
Yes, Happy Stones! It probably doesn't need to be explained, but for those who don't know it: making Happy Stones involves decorating one or more stones with a pattern of your choice with acrylic marker or paint and possibly varnish. or drawing. That's all it really is!

Or is it? Happy Stones are actually the creative hype of recent years. And there is nothing strange about that, because Happy Stones is about much more than just painting a stone nicely. Okay, for many people it will certainly and mainly be about that, but, and that is what makes Happy Stones special, Happy Stones... often also travel! Sometimes all over the world! Because what could be more fun than letting your nice stone - which you have of course provided with your own signature and of course also taken a photo of - gather dust in a drawer at home? Precisely! Hide him outside somewhere so he can be found by someone else! Besides the fact that this find will undoubtedly put a smile on the finder's face - that is why they are also called Happy Stones - this also gives the finder the fun challenge of hiding the stone somewhere again. In theory, a stone made by you can move around the world! In short: painting the stones is only the beginning!

Tip:set both the date of hiding and the land of painting (NL) briefly on each stone you paint, as well as ahandy # or @ (for example #happystone40sofie) . This way, finders of your stones not only know in which country they were made, but you also make it a lot easier for them to share their find on social media. This way it becomes a lot easier for you to track to which corners your stones have flown. Will you also have two stones in Peru and three in Thailand?

Our stones
With the official stones from, the uncertainty of varying quality stones is a thing of the past . With the stones from you know exactly where you stand. Or well, exactly... Every stone remains different of course (that's the great thing about Happy Stones! Every stone lends itself to a different type of decoration!) However, we can offer you a few certainties.

The benefits of the Happy Stones from

 The Happy Stones from are manually sorted and inspected in 3-4 steps. This means we can be sure that only the most beautiful stones, in different shapes that are as cool as possible, end up in your packaging. Broken stones, or stones with many grooves? You shouldn't be with us for that.

 The Happy Stones from are relatively large, measuring 5-8 centimeters in diameter (measured along their longest side). Not so big that they are unbearably heavy - anything but! After all, they are also very flat and thin - but so large that most stones have a nice, large surface to work on. So not too much fiddling on stones of only 1 by 1 centimeter!

You will receive a full pack with a fixed number of 15 stones. That's what you get. Each package from contains approximately 1300 grams of stones. Sometimes a package weighs a little more, sometimes a little less. This is mainly due to the different thicknesses of the stones. However, one thing is certain: our sets will keep you going for a while! Tip: Would you like to paint rocks at a children's birthday party? This is also a handy packaging

The stones in this package come from the 'Chance on Color' collection. These stones are predominantly gray in color, but come from a batch with an enormous color variation. This means that there is a chance that you will also receive a number of stones with a different color: green, blue, purple, red or yellow tones: they are all common! There is no guarantee that you will get (many) stones with different colors with this set. However, this chance is many times greater than if you order our 'Just Gray' set. That set is perfect if you are specifically looking for really gray stones.

 The stones you get from us in this set are large (5-8cm average) river stones, sometimes a little polished or tumbled where necessary. To many people, these stones are better known by their English name 'river pebbles'. These stones have been largely polished naturally by erosion, giving them a fine, unblemished, and relatively smooth surface, with few nicks and even fewer grooves. This makes the stones very easy to paint, especially if you provide all stones with a white base layer before painting.

To summarize everything, choosing the official 'Chance on Color' Happy Stones from means choosing:

✓ 15 handgesorteerde Happy Stones
with dimensions between 5-8cm
 Smooth, easy to paint, predominantly gray river stones that generally have much more color variation than our 'Plain Gray' river stones
flat and thin stones
 in various forms
with a reasonably flat surface
 with virtually no grooves
Also ideal as decorative stones or in aquariums

For more about our stones and the differences between our 'Chance of Colour' set and our 'Just Gray' set? Be sure to take a look here !

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