The fact that at Blijsteen we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate is evident from the packaging we use. In fact, 18 stone painters alone helped create the standard packaging in which our stones are shipped!

However, as far as we are concerned, we work with many more parties. So do you have an idea for a fun collaboration? Don't hesitate to share it with us via our email, our contact page or via Instagram! Who knows, we might help each other in a while. 

Below you will see a number of collaboration options that we are more than open to. Interested? Let us know!

- Do you have a (web)shop and would you like to sell our stones? (free samples are available) Send us a message!

- Do you paint stones yourself and would you like to contribute in some way to our artwork on our products (packaging) or our website? Send us a message!

- Do you have an active Facebook or Instagram page about stone painting and would you like to promote us? Send us a message!

- Do you give workshops and would you like to use our stones for that? Send us a message!

Or do you have a different type of collaboration in mind? Send us a message! We are convinced that something can be arranged!