About us

Blijsteen.nl is the store when it comes to the most beautiful, natural (flat!) and smooth stones for painting. And all of that sorted by hand and through the letterbox!

Blijsteen.nl was founded as part of Morgiana, an online store founded in 2018 specialized in the design, production and sale of several hobby items. Good brushes (both watercolor and acrylic), a nice light pen for diamond painting (in multiple colors), but also very challenging coloring books for adults and matching pencils: Morgiana, with its brands 'Diamond Hobbies' and 'Kleuren op Numm3r' designs and produces it all!

The hobby that you can no longer ignore since corona is of course painting and hiding Happy Stones. We had also seen that with Morgiana.

What had we also seen? That the supply of really good, paintable stones often left a lot to be desired. Think of stones of varying quality, repackaged from 20-kilo bags from garden centers, simply very expensive stones, or stones that were sometimes beautiful, but not really natural and more tile-like...

That is why we founded www.blijsteen.nl. The website where you can buy really beautiful, hand-selected, but above all natural river stones for a reasonable price. 

Our team has done everything we can to bring brick sets to the market that you can really rely on (at least in our opinion!).

So will you also try our stones? We believe you won't regret it!


The team of Blijsteen.nl