Do you have a question about us, our store, our stones or perhaps about our other products? Please feel free to reassure him via Instagram, our email or our contact page. We have hopefully already answered the most frequently asked questions below!

- Do your stones really come through the letterbox? Yes! They do! At least, when you order 1 set. If you order multiple sets, or 1 set and another product, we will make it a regular package!

- When can I expect my package? In most cases the next day! This means: if you order one of our products before 5:00 PM, we will always deliver your package to a shipping point the same day. This usually means that you will receive your package the next day, although unfortunately we cannot promise anything. If you order after 5:00 PM, we will deliver your package to you the next day.

- You sell two colors of stones. What exactly are the differences between these stones? Good question! That is why we have written a clear piece about this. You can read this piece here .

- How do you sort your stones? Also a good question! Fortunately, we have also tried to write a clear article about that. You can read this article here !