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Colorful Belgium | Color by Number | Coloring Book for Adults

Colorful Belgium | Color by Number | Coloring Book for Adults

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Finally it's here, after the success of Kleurrijk Holland! Whether you are small or large, young or old, you know it: color by number. You know, those type of coloring pages where the numbers and the associated colors determine what your final coloring page will look like. Ideal as a pastime for (small) children...

... or adults!
Exactly! Coloring has not been a children's hobby for years! Wouldn't that also apply to color by number, wouldn't you say? That's what we at Diamond Hobbies thought too. That is why we have now developed a very special coloring book by number...

Can't see what you're coloring! They are almost like puzzles!
This is what you see in 'Colors by Numm3r: Colorful Belgium!' First of all, don't know in advance what you are actually coloring. How does that work? Well, that's actually very simple! Unlike regular coloring books (by number), the boxes to be colored in the majority of the coloring pages are 'geometric' in nature. You only see, as it were, 'geometric grids with numbered boxes'. This keeps it exciting until the end of the coloring page to see exactly what the final image will look like! Something completely different from the average coloring page by numbers, where you can often see from the lines what you are actually coloring. The boxes in the grids have different shapes per image! In addition to square boxes, there are also triangular and even hexagonal boxes! This not only makes coloring more challenging, but it also ensures that there are many different styles of images in the book!

One ​​unique color code, in one unique legend, 48 colors and 37 unique experiences!
We are not done with that yet . What makes Colorful Belgium even more special is the fact that the entire book uses one color code, but with 48 different colors! How does that work then? That is also actually very simple. While many color by number books use a new color code per coloring page, Kleurrijk België works with one color code, which is the same throughout the book. Where in other coloring books 'light yellow' is still '3' on one page and '9' on the other page, here light yellow is always 1! The color code of the book is not only boring on every page, but can also be found on the back of the book or on the fold-out back cover. This way you always have your color code at hand as a kind of legend! By the way, this color code doesn't just use numbers! Because we found double numbers to take up a lot of space in the boxes, we use letters and even punctuation marks in addition to numbers to distinguish the different colors. This also makes the coloring pages even more challenging!

Good material: Colors you want!
And all in a coloring book that is sewn bound, which makes it makes a much sturdier coloring book than most other coloring books that have a glued cover. And we're not there yet. The paper used in Colorful Belgium is so-called 170-gram paper. Huh, is the book heavy? No! The pages are only made of paper that weighs 170 grams per square meter. For comparison: a standard A4 printer weighs 80 grams. So the paper is more than twice as thick! This means you can color on it perfectly with either a pencil or a marker! The pages are also printed on one side. This means that the different coloring pages do not push through each other!

Lots of recognizable images
But what exactly is it that you are coloring in Colorful Belgium? Well: Colorful Belgium of course! In Colorful Belgium you will find coloring pages that remind you of Belgium. Don't worry, the various designers have done their best not to make the images too cliché. In the book you color, among other things, the animalsthat you see in Belgium, iconic buildings, strong data-mce-fragment="1">hobbies, sporting, food,items,and many more!

Everything at a glance, Coloring on Numm3r, 'Colorful Belgium' is a coloring book...

With 37 unique coloring pages
- Which remind you of Belgium
- The coloring pages are printed on one side(76 pages in total)
On thick, 170-gsm paper, so you can. ..
-both with penciland with (acrylic)marker, easy to color
- With one unique color code,with 48, beautiful colors
 Which recurs throughout the book, and in the unique legend on the back cover-In other words:

It is a book with (literally!) coloring fun for days! Have fun relaxing!

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