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Coloring Pencils for Adults from Diamond Hobbies | 48 colors | Color by Number | Drawing Box for Adults

Coloring Pencils for Adults from Diamond Hobbies | 48 colors | Color by Number | Drawing Box for Adults

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Have you been looking for one good, complete set of colored pencils for a long time, with many color variations in the colors that you actually use, instead of 13 variants of light purple and 12 shades of olive green? Or have you been looking more specifically for a pencil set that works well with the Colors on Numm3r coloring books? It doesn't matter exactly what the reason is that you are looking for coloring pencils, but with the official 48-piece pencil set from Diamond Hobbies, you might just find what you are looking for!

48 Beautiful colors
Diamond Hobbies now has its own pencil set, with 48 coloring pencils, in very beautiful colors. The pencils are supplied in two trays with 24 pencils and have an oil base. The pencils give off a lot of color without pressing too hard, and the colors in the palette have a natural touch. Think of many shades of yellow, green and blue, and less crazy shades of pink and purple. Ideal for beautiful, natural drawings.

Good materials, good workmanship
Diamond Hobbies pencils are made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. This applies to both the (poplar) wood used that has been sustainably harvested (FSC) and the oils from which the cores are composed. Besides the fact that the cores are made of environmentally friendly paraffins, they are also extra sturdy and thick. Unlike many other brands of coloring pencils, the cores of Diamond Hobbies pencils are not 3mm but 3.8mm thick, which means they can not only last longer without sharpening and also last longer. So more pencil for your money! The finish of the pencils is matte, with a dip (in the Diamond Hobbies house color) at the ends, which not only gives the pencils a sleeker look, but also ensures that they hold slightly less sticky.

The perfect pencil set for the Colors by Numm3r books
Exactly! Do you have one of the books in the Colors on Numm3r series? Then this is the pencil set you must have! That is to say: most pencil sets, especially those with more colors, work fine with these books, but only this set is really made for it. In fact, the newest two books in this line Colorful Belgium! enColorful Germany! are made entirely with the colors of this pencil set as a starting point! In addition, the latest edition of Kleurrijk Holland* has been revised so that it also works perfectly with the pencils.

By the way, it's not just the colors of the pencils that work perfectly for these books. No, it is also the symbolsengraved in the pencils. If you have one of the books in the Colors by Numbers series, you now know what is meant. Throughout all the books in the series, each 'character' you encounter in the coloring pages represents a specific color. And it is precisely these marks that are applied to our pencils! No more awkward searching or stickering your own pencils, ideal!

Also suitable as a stand-alone pencil set for numerous drawing projects!
Are you not interested in the above coloring books? Don't worry, this is also an excellent set of pencils. The pencils in this set have a varied color palette, with a focus on natural colors and can therefore be used by colorists and illustrators of many ages and levels and for numerous drawing projects. In addition, this set has something else special. With this set you can also use the symbols on the pencils without owning the coloring books! On the box you will also find a link to free coloring pages that also work with this color code. In the long run, you will also buy an endless set of coloring pages with this pencil set that you can color with it! Talk about a complete set! Please note: there is currently 1 coloring page that can be freely downloaded online, but the intention is that there will be more very soon! 

Complete content and feature set

- 2 Handy storage trays containing
- 2x 24 coloring pencils of 17.5 cm
- So 48 pencils in total
- With 48vibrant colors
- Onsustainable oil base and of high quality
- Featuring the officialColors on Numm3rsymbols and
- A beautiful matte finish
- Extra thick, extra sturdy3.8mmcores
- A hexagonalshape
- Fromsustainably cut wood
- Includes a link to downloadable coloring pages that work with the color code on the pencils!

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