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Diamond Painting Pen | Light Pen for Diamond Painting from Diamond Hobbies

Diamond Painting Pen | Light Pen for Diamond Painting from Diamond Hobbies

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He's there! If you have been painting for a while, then you know it, if you have not been painting for very long, then you can imagine it very well: you are in the middle of a very efficient painting session, and you actually want to finish a certain block, but It's already starting to get a bit dark. Would you like to turn on your lightpad? No, that is not necessary yet, a little bit of light in the right place, that is what you need now.

Sparkle for hours with different attachments!
And that is why there is now the one and only Diamond Painting pen from Diamond Hobbies. Away with the standard pink tube, away with half-measures, time for the real deal. The Diamond Painting pen from Diamond Hobbies has a lamp in the head. This white light lamp (LED), in combination with the various attachments, is a relief when it comes to painting. With one pen, you can suddenly do everything you used to need multiple tools for!

Feels good in the hand
The relief is not only due to the fact that the pen emits light. Unlike most Diamond Painting pens out there, the Diamond Hobbies pen is made of aluminum. In addition to being much nicer in the hand than most plastic pens, the pen also benefits from the weight of the two (AAA) batteries that are required. These batteries, in combination with the already somewhat heavier pen, ensure that the pen has a pleasant weight. Not too heavy of course! But certainly not too light either. Just a pen that feels nice to hold!.

Handy take-along case
The Diamond Painting pen from Diamond Hobbies also comes with a stylish gray felt case where you can keep your pen, but also the pen heads. This way you'll never lose anything again! You can of course also put other accessories in this case, such as extra pens or tweezers.

Wash is a thing of the past!
As a final extra, the pen comes with a roll of pen tape. This is an alternative to using wax on the top of your pen. We were increasingly told by people that old wax was still annoyingly stuck under the edges of pin heads, which sometimes made it a hassle to get it off again. That is why we also offer an alternative to wax in the form of a roll of double-sided tape with this set. This allows you to do the same thing you did before with wax! It takes some practice to get the double-sided tape loose, but once you get used to it, you won't want to go back! The double-sided tape can also be used on the supplied roller attachment. Would you rather continue working with wax? Of course, that is also possible with this pen! Some laundry is also included!

The advantages at a glance:

The pen emits a bright light
The pen can be used with multiple (supplied) attachments (including 1 for 1 stone!)
It is made of aluminum and therefore fits more comfortably in the hand than most other pens
The pen comes with a handy, compact pouch
You will receive a free alternative to adhesive wax (a roll of double-sided tape)
And of course it's just really beautiful!

Contents of set:
- 1 Diamond Hobbies light pen (14cm long, excl. attachment, aluminum)
- 4 different pin heads, plus spare
- 1 roll double-sided pentape
- 1 storage case made of gray felt
- Was

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