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Watercolor brushes | 9 Pieces | Brush set | Diamond Hobbies

Watercolor brushes | 9 Pieces | Brush set | Diamond Hobbies

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Have you been painting for some time? Then you may have experienced it: you sit down with great enthusiasm to work on a beautiful new canvas, only to discover that you had forgotten to buy new brushes after the last time you painted. Hey, you have to work again with brushes with dried hair or brushes that are starting to become bald. Then why not use your second set of brushes? Oh no, they are also dried in the shed.

Nine fresh brushes
No, that's not a good start to that weekend you set aside to make your new wall decoration. That is why there is now the special watercolor brush set from Diamond Hobbies, with nine brushes. Nine you say? Yes, Nine. Watercolor may be easy to rinse, but it is still nicer to have to do it every few brushes. Rinse all your brushes after each color? This is a thing of the past with the Diamond Hobbies brush set. You can't go wrong with nine brushes!

Nine different brushes, one quality
Which is also a thing of the past? Careless work! In addition to fine wooden handles and beautiful metal brush holders, Diamond Hobbies brushes also have very fine bristles and different thicknesses. A large area? No problem, that's what brush 16 is for! A small area? Hurry a line? No problem, take the 0! So different brushes, for different surfaces, exactly the way you want it!

Nine special brushes
And if all that isn't enough, Diamond Hobbies brushes have an FSC quality mark! So it is also a responsible choice! And did we mention that the stems have a beautiful turquoise center? This way you can easily distinguish them from your other brushes! Diamond Hobbies brushes are not only durable, but also beautiful! Beautifully sustainable!

Everything at a glance, choosing Diamond Hobbies brushes means choosing:

9 Beautiful brushes
Ideal for watercolor painting
But also suitable for other types of paint, such as acrylic paint...
... if you like Paint by Number! (although we also sell an even better set for that)
Wooden handles and metal brush holders
An FSC sustainability quality mark
A beautiful turquoise design that makes them very striking

 Fine brushes, but also coarser brushes, and of course
Hours of painting pleasure!

Tip!: You can never have enough good brushes, so buy an extra brush set. This way you don't have to rinse your brushes even as often while painting!

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