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Acrylic Paint Brushes| 10 pieces | Brush set | Diamond Hobbies

Acrylic Paint Brushes| 10 pieces | Brush set | Diamond Hobbies

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Have you been doing paint-by-numbers for some time? Then you may have experienced it: with great enthusiasm, you order a beautiful new canvas to start painting, only to discover upon arrival that this painting only comes with three plastic brushes, and that with hairs of odd lengths that are not actually intended for acrylic paint. And your old brushes? Yes, they are still hardened and dried in the shed.

Ten verse brushes
No, that's not a good start to that weekend you set aside to create your new wall decoration. That's why there is now the special Paint by Number brush set from Diamond Hobbies, with ten brushes. Ten you say? Yes, ten. After all, the average paint-by-numbers canvas often has quite a few colors, much more than you can handle with the brushes often supplied. Rinse all your brushes after each color? This is a thing of the past with the Diamond Hobbies brush set.

Ten different brushes, one quality
Which is also a thing of the past? Careless work! In addition to fine wooden handles and beautiful metal brush holders, Diamond Hobbies brushes also have very fine bristles and different thicknesses. A large area? No problem, that's what the 3/4 is for! A small area? Hurry a line? No problem, take the 5/0! Different brushes, for different surfaces, exactly the way you want it for painting by numbers! But...

... what does paint by numbers actually mean?

Painting by numbers, paint by numbers, or in English painting by numbers is the big one - grown up! - brother of what the coloring page (with numbers) is for children. However, with painting by number, the colored pencils or markers have been exchanged for brushes and acrylic paint and the coloring book for a linen canvas. This canvas then contains an image divided into dozens of boxes. The numbers in these boxes correspond to the numbers on the supplied pots of paint. And then it's a matter of painting! If you fill all the boxes with the intended color of paint, you will automatically end up with the painting of your choice!

Everything at a glance, choosing Diamond Hobbies brushes means choosing:

10 Beautiful brushes
Ideal for Paint by Numbers...
But also for other acrylic paint hobbies...
Of course, naturally
Wooden handles and metal brush holders

 Fine brushes, but also coarser brushes, and of course
Hours of painting pleasure!

Tip!: You can never have enough good brushes, especially if you like painting by numbers. Therefore, buy an extra brush set. This way you don't have to rinse your brushes even as often while painting!

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