A mailbox package full of inspiration

  • A strong mailbox packaging...

    To keep the costs of our brick sets (if you order one set) as low as possible, we have designed our packaging in such a way that it can not only be shipped immediately and therefore does not require an extra box around it, but also in such a way that it fits easily in your letterbox.

    The lower shipping costs that come with our (beautifully printed!) letterbox box are not the only advantages that this special packaging brings.

    Below you will find a brief overview of all the benefits of our packaging!

    - Lower shipping costswhen you order only one box

    - Brievenbusbestellingen kunnen tot later op de dag door ons ingeleverd worden, en komen dus vaker de volgende dag aan

    - You don't have to be at hometo accept your package

    - Brievenbusverpakkingen raken minder vaak kwijt bij de bezorging

    - Less frequent delivery delaysthan regular packages

    - Omdat brievenbusdoosjes aan strikte eisen gebonden zijn qua maat en gewicht, zijn onze doosjes dat ook. Dankzij de vorm van onze doosjes zijn dunne, platte stenen dus gegarandeerd.

    Daarnaast heeft ons doosje een leuke, authentieke uitstraling

    En ook is ons doosje gemaakt van erg stevig karton.

  • ... vol Instagram inspiration ...

    18 stone painters with active Instagram accounts helped to make the inside of our box even more colorful with a stone painted by them, and to provide inspiration. This means: we were able to print a beautiful creation in our box from 18 experienced painters!

    The Instagram names of the painters who participated can be found on the inside of our packaging, always under an image of a stone they painted.

    Will you add these painters on Instagram and be inspired by all their work?

    Who knows, maybe you'll use their inspiration to paint a brick that will be included in our next package! (more about this later!)

  • ... and a built-in ruler!

    So many stones, so many types, so many types, so many shapes, but certainly also: so many sizes! Well, it is and remains a natural product...

    No, that's exactly the charm of stones! But yes... it is useful to know how large the stones are that you can paint on later! After all, you want to have a decent painting surface!

    Precisely! Because we know how important a good size stone is for most stone painters, all our stones are measured manually twice. Both in the quality selection and in the final filling process.

    The latter is done using the built-in ruler that is printed in our boxes.

    Thanks to this ruler, we are sure that we can offer a fairly constant size (diameter) of stones, and you will soon be able to measure your own stones again. Isn't that useful?

    That is quite different from stones that are only measured based on the 'selection sieve' with which they end up in a bag!